Best Organic Tampons According to Customer Reviews

Reassessing the tampon box on the back of your toilet? Considering it’s a menstrual product that literally goes inside the body to absorb blood during your period, it’s understandable to want to know more about how it’s made and what’s inside of it. That desire might have even inspired your search for the best organic tampons out there.

Before we get into the products that score positive customer reviews, let’s talk a little bit more about organic tampons and their consumer draw. Typically made with 100 percent organic cotton, many organic tampons are free of pesticides, rayon, dyes, fragrances, deodorants, chlorine bleach, and other potentially concerning ingredients. Frequently offered with cardboard or plant-based applicators, they’re often also more eco-friendly than conventional tampons.

However, according to Megan Zaander, a board-certified ob-gyn at Lake Oswego GYN, data and scientific studies don’t necessarily indicate that organic tampons are a safer alternative at this time. Referencing a study published in 2020, Dr. Zaander explained that researchers tested a mix of regular hygiene products and organic hygiene products (washes, tampons, menstrual pads, wipes, sprays, powders, and moisturizers) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that may have adverse health effects. According to the study, organic products didn’t necessarily have lower levels.

“For all the products, it does seem like a very low exposure, but it was disappointing in that if you wanted to be extra cautious and get organic products, they don’t actually seem to be any safer than the regular products,” Dr. Zaander said.

No matter what tampons you buy — organic or conventional — be sure you’re wearing and changing them as advised. “Anything that is put inside the vagina is going to have a potential risk for toxic shock syndrome,” Dr. Zaander said.

Don’t forget to regularly change pads, liners, and menstrual cups, too. Dr. Zaander also recommended staying away from fragranced products, as those have the potential to be irritating.

If buying organic tampons is the best choice for you, the good news is that you have plenty of options as more and more brands are offering organic alternatives. Still, as with any hygiene product, it’s important to do your research and reach out to your doctor with any questions.

Ahead, we rounded up seven of the most popular organic tampons based on customer reviews, in no particular order.

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